Polish Ecological Club in Gliwice

Who we are?

The Polish Ecological Club in Cracow, Gliwice City Chapter is the City Chapter of the Polish Ecological Club – one of the leading, independent, environmental NGO in Poland.

The Polish Ecological Club in Gliwice was founded in 1988. It’s obtained legal personality on January 6, 1993. It was entered into the register of associations on March 22, 2001. Since then, the City Chapter in Gliwice has been continuously performing its non-profit activities, implementing numerous domestic and foreign projects.

Our main goals are shaping environmental awareness in the society, providing general environmental education, improving the condition of Poland’s natural environment and protecting the cultural and natural heritage.

In our activities, we cooperate with schools, kindergartens and universities in Poland and abroad. We educate local governments, involve residents in local initiatives, work with farmers on the sustainable management of fertilizers, and support entrepreneurs with the knowledge and experience of choosing solutions and technologies that are more environmentally friendly.

The topics in which we operate include agriculture, forestry, water protection, climate change, air pollution and much more.

The Gliwice City Chapter has a well-coordinated project team and cooperates on a permanent basis with numerous scientists, experts, local governments and volunteers.